Welcome to Epoch!

An epoch of hope:

Epoch is a word that signifies the beginning of a new and important era. Here at Epoch Arts 4 Hope, we believe that the performing arts can impact, inspire, and bring joy to people’s lives. As a nonprofit organization, our student-led teams run three core branches dedicated to bringing dance, music, visual arts programming to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We seek to address complex social issues, celebrate cultural awareness, encourage creativity, and create safe spaces for personal expression through mentorship and service.

It is our mission to give all people anywhere and everywhere an equal opportunity to experience music, dance and the arts.

Performing Arts Education

In the heart of the most underserved communities of McKinney, members of Epoch Arts have been bonding with sweet students on weekends at their Sunday sanctuary for the past few years! We bring music lessons, performances, art projects, dance activities, and enrichment in the arts. Students serve through leading arts mentorship, academic tutoring, drives, donations, and most of all: friendship!

National Fundraisers

Epoch’s national Covid-19 fundraiser, Performing HeArts for the Homeless, a concert series dedicated to supporting homeless shelters raised over $5,000 during the pandemic. All donations sent directly to The Samaritan Inn and Austin Street Center. 

Check out our fundraiser channel for more live concerts!

Allen Lunar New Year Festival

Avalon Memory Care Virtual Concert

Homeless Shelter Programming

Meet the Founder

Regina Lin & Selena Lin


Epoch recruits volunteers at the start of each school semester. Click the link below to join us for 2023!