Who We Are

We are EPOCH Arts 4 Hope.

Epoch is a word that signifies the beginning of a new and important era in a person’s life. Here at Epoch Arts 4 Hope, we believe that the different forms of arts can impact, inspire, and bring joy in people’s lives.

It is our mission to give all people anywhere and everywhere an equal opportunity to experience music, dance and the arts.

With around 250 members in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and 4 branches dedicated to making an impact through performing arts, visual arts,  martial arts and academics, we continue our role in creating positive impact in our community. 

“Providing a means to allow others to spread their wings and find direction and meaning in their lives is something we truly take pride in. It has never been an obligation for us at EPOCH in our endeavors to support our community; rather, the human interaction and love we’ve been able to spread is rewarding in it’s entirety.”

– The Epoch Team