Our Story

It all started with a girl and her portable keyboard…


Using money she had saved from years of competitions, Regina Lin, then a ninth-grader at Allen High School, bought a shiny new keyboard with a vision in mind: bringing the power of music to everyone and anyone. She had believed  in music’s ability to heal ever since
witnessing the amazing effect that piano had on her grandfather’s  Alzheimer’s.

“There’s nothing that can connect as universally as the language of art,” she said. “Music speaks to the mind, the heart, and the soul.”

After gathering a few friends, lots of planning, and dedication, EPOCH Performing Arts 4 Hope was born.

“I hope that through visiting these kids every month, forming bonds, and engaging in fun arts activities, we can bring healing and joy into
their lives.” Regina explains the program between Epoch and CityChurch McKinney. Many of these kids are living in single parent households and underprivileged conditions.

“All people deserve the opportunity to experience music, and any art in fact. It can do miracles. We can bring smiles and inspire others with the work we do. Music brings hope — and that is the greatest gift of all.”


– Regina Lin

Founder & Executive Director