Epoch Arts for Hope has been monitoring the news of COVID-19 since the outbreak was reported in Dallas.

We are proud to be a part of the Dallas Wuhan Recovery Fundraising Campaign.

The Dallas Wuhan Recovery Fundraising Campaign began on January 23 and was jointly sponsored by more than 90 organizations including the US-China Professional Association, Hubei Hometown Association, and Wuhan University Alumni Association. Due to the selfless dedication of more than 1,000 donors and more than 60 volunteers, they received more than $230,000 in donations and nearly $190,000 in material procurement and transportation expenses. In addition to shipping 6 batches of medical supplies to Hubei during the peak of the epidemic, they also distributed 20,000 masks for free to local nursing homes, senior centers, frontline police stations, medical institutions, urgently needed groups, institutions and individuals in more than 200 households. On March 18, Wuhan Recovery’s volunteer activities in public places all ended. The task of supporting the fight of the epidemic in Wuhan was successfully completed. Next, they will pass on funds, experience, information, and talent to the defense of the Dallas epidemic with full dedication.

We will continue to help those in need and plan to focus on our locals in DFW, particularly hospitals, the homeless, and seniors. Please look more at our Drives and Donations page to play your part!